The principles of good copywriting can be applied to any topic. But first you must understand your audience

…define your key messages – and decide what action you want your readers to take once they’ve read your information.

I can work with you, your people and your designers to define a logical and effective content strategy

This should involve reviewing the content you already have and thinking about what new content is needed.

  • Where should it sit?
  • Who will find it useful?
  • How will your visitors find it?
  • What’s the purpose of it?
  • What do you want people to do with it?

The review process will help me produce copy that reflects your personality, meets your users’ objectives and fulfils your business goals.

“Time and time again, Kate exceeds my expectations and always manages to turn my ramblings into absolute masterpieces. Over the years, she’s written my websites, brochures, sales letters and press releases and has bailed me out on many occasions, sometimes at very short notice.”  Tonya Bolton, Empowerment Specialist, Writer and Performer.

I know nothing about you or your business

So let me speak to your team to find out what you do and who your customers are. I can come and meet you at work, find out about the culture of your organisation and see for myself what sets you apart from your competitors.

“Kate’s copy is fluent and straightforward. Complicated things become simple, dull stuff becomes interesting and you end up wanting to buy without ever having been sold to. But be warned: don’t get into an argument with her about apostrophes.” Rik Pipe, Digital Marketing Consultant 

Creating a tone of voice that reflects your personality

When I write for you, I want to create a tone of voice that talks directly to your audience and reflects your personality. Your copy should show visitors what you’re really like, how you do business – and how you look after and value your customers.

Even users with high literacy levels perform tasks on a website more easily when the language is simple and clear

“Her writing is just like her – clear, concise, creative, honest and to the point. She adds richness to words without adding waffle.” Tonya Bolton

Your copy should be clear and unambiguous – but also meaningful, accurate and relevant to your customers. With any copywriting project, that’s what I’ll be trying to achieve.

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