Working on great comms for the Coventry for intermediaries!

Working on great comms for the Coventry for intermediaries!

The Coventry for intermediaries – 10 years of pledges

Well – I didn’t stay away long, and from March I’ve been back at Coventry Building Society, this time working with the mortgages team.

91% of their mortgage business comes through intermediaries (brokers to you and me) so they’re vital to the Society.

In 2007, they introduced a series of ‘pledges’ …

… which were their promises to provide an outstanding level of service to intermediaries. This year marks the 10th anniversary of those pledges and I was fortunate enough to join the team just as the ‘pledge celebrations’ were kicking off.

There’s something planned each month – we’ve already run a competition for an Apple Watch, and a 48 hour charity donation that raised nearly £10,000 for Coventry Cyrenians!

This month, we took some stats from the last 10 years about the Coventry and their intermediaries and matched the numbers with some fun facts to show them how important they are.

The result is a little collection of big numbers.

Take a look here.

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