How I work

How I work

I’m very flexible and can work in any way that suits you.

If you have some existing copy that needs updating, we can arrange a meeting or telephone chat so we can talk about what changes you’d like to make.

I can take information from your marketing literature or brochure, speak to key members of your team and research competitors’ websites so that I can write relevant, meaningful copy that speaks to your audience and gets the key messages across.

Or I can work with your design team or agency. Together we can define the pages and the information architecture to make sure your website meets both the expectations of your users and your business objectives.

Copywriting – £40.00 per hour

Proofreading – £25.00 per hour

For all copywriting projects:

  • I’ll give you a full quote and ask for your written agreement before starting any work.
  • My charges include two sets of reasonable amends. (It’s your responsibility to send them to me because I’ll still invoice for the work I’ve given you).
  • A change of brief will incur extra cost but I’ll make you aware of that if it happens.
  • Once the work is finished, or there’s a break in the project, or at agreed intervals, I’ll invoice you for the amount quoted and I expect full payment within 14 days.

The copyright of copywriting:

Under copyright law, a copywriter retains the intellectual property over any piece of work unless it is specifically assigned to another party.

In practical terms, this means that if you don’t pay me, you don’t own my work and you can’t use it.

But once I have received payment in full, I am happy to waive the copyright. You will then own the work and be free to use it wherever and however you like.


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