My contacts

My contacts

These are people or companies who I have either worked for or with.

I’ve also lunched with them, drunk copious amounts of wine with them and consider all of them to be incredibly good friends.


In my opinion, they offer outstanding service at very reasonable prices.

StrangePipe Marketing

Rik Pipe is an online marketing specialist and creator of award winning advertising concepts. He also knows all my secrets and is getting married for the third time in May 2013. Go Rik! Let’s hope this one works out!

Auburn Creative

Auburn provides exceptional web design services and what they don’t know about SEO….. well! Steve Tipson, the big cheese there, is also one of the nicest people I know (who doesn’t own a dog).

Ghost Design

Ghost are brilliant at designing things. Very good at print (they do a lot of stuff about cows, bizarrely) but they also do websites. Terry Burrows can take a good photo too.

Wills in Warwickshire

If you want practical advice about Wills and IHT planning, Pamela Fabianska’s your girl. What can I say about her? Well, she’s great fun but she does encourage one to buy very expensive ‘vintage’ clothing, which one usually regrets afterwards. Stick to your guns and just say no!

The Osteopathic Practice

Jane O’Connor is a fabulous, if at times slightly sadistic, osteopath in Leamington Spa. Her team offers a range of therapies including Low Level Laser Therapy, Cranial Osteopathy and Medical Acupuncture. She even treats dogs!

Leamington Spa Canine Services

Lizz Fleming hardly ever smiles. She is quite often a bit grumpy. But you just have to bear with it because if you want your dogs looked after and to come back to you at the end of the day exhausted, muddy and completely happy, she’s your girl. The only person I trust 100% with my dogs.


If you like clean cars, you’ll love Abacars. Johnny Parasmo is a right cheerful soul and extremely reliable. He does airport runs and all kinds of other runs that taxis do. He’ll drive you. And you won’t smell of horrid air fresheners when you get there.

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