Pet portraits

I’m a keen photographer and I have a passion for dogs

I’ve combined the two and now offer pet portraits for proud doggy parents in the Warwickshire area.

Newbold Comyn in Leamington has acres of woods, nature reserves, playing fields, rivers and ponds. It’s a perfect spot to get pictures of your dog playing and having fun.

I can join you on a walk for an hour or so – at an introductory offer of £60.00 – and I’ll take as many photographs as I can and give them to you on disk.

Other events

I can also cover animal-related events like a family falconry day or your child having a horse riding lesson. Rather than miss out on the experience while you try and take photographs, I can take the pictures and provide them to you on disk as a lovely reminder of the day.

You’ll own the copyright and will be free to use the pictures whenever and however you like.

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