Do you have content or web editors?

Could they benefit from a refresher course in how to write good copy?

No matter how long we’ve been in the business, sometimes it’s useful to remind ourselves of some basic principles that can help us improve the way we write.

I’ve written and delivered training courses in ‘Effective Copywriting’ to a number of organisations, including the University of Birmingham, the Scottish Further Education Unit, Lantra, Baxi and Advantage West Midlands.

Some of the topics I cover are:

    • How to identify your audience and pinpoint the key messages
    • The importance of writing about benefits rather than features
    • Streamlining your copy and avoiding common mistakes
    • How to use layout techniques that can improve readability
    • Writing for the web and thinking about how web users read on screen
    • An overview of content strategy – thinking about the relevance and positioning of your copy.

We’ll talk about what you need first; I’ll tailor the course and provide exercises using real bits of copy that are relevant to your business and requirements.

I aim for a lively atmosphere, where people can get involved and have discussions about any aspect of the training.

Obviously, there will be a fair bit of writing so it’s usually best to arm your people with a laptop. I’ve had complaints about aching arms before!


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