Web copy

Web copy

Content – it’s the reason people go online.

They want information about products and services. And they want to be able to find it quickly and easily – preferably without shouting at the screen.

You probably already have a website. But when was the last time you reviewed the content?

  • Is it up-to-date?
  • Does it give potential customers the information they need?
  • Is it logical? Is content easy to find?
  • Is it written in language your audience will understand?
  • What do you want people to do? Do you have plenty of calls to action?
  • Are you adding new content regularly? If not, why not?

We can review your existing content together and I can speak to your team to find out more about you. Then I’ll produce copy that reflects your personality, meets your users’ objectives and fulfils your business goals.

“Over the years, Kate has written my websites, brochures, sales letters and press releases. Her writing is just like her – clear, concise, creative, honest and to the point. She adds richness to words without adding waffle. Kate is passionate about what she does. Making her clients happy is of paramount importance to her.”  Tonya Bolton, Empowerment Specialist, Writer and Performer.

Remember – your website isn’t for you. It’s for your audience.

  • What information do they need and why?
  • Are your links and page titles logical? Will people be able to find the information they need?
  • Is the user journey good? Can they easily navigate?
  • Are you talking in language that your audience will relate to?

Speak their language and meet their needs – it’ll help you sell more.





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