Web copy

Web copy

Content is the reason people visit your website.

They want information about you, your products and the service you offer – and they want to be able to get to that information quickly and without frustration.

The best content on the web is clear, well written and visual.

Even high literacy users perform better on websites where the language is clear and simple, so it’s best to avoid jargon and complex sentence structures.

“Over the years, Kate has written my websites, brochures, sales letters and press releases. Her writing is just like her – clear, concise, creative, honest and to the point. She adds richness to words without adding waffle. Kate is passionate about what she does. Making her clients happy is of paramount importance to her.” ¬†Tonya Bolton, Empowerment Specialist, Writer and Performer.

Before you start writing, give your strategy some serious thought:

  • What kind of information are you putting out there?
  • Why? Who wants it?
  • Have you looked at your existing content to make sure there’s no duplication?
  • Where is the best place for it to sit?
  • How will it be presented? Are you thinking about the medium?
  • How often will it need to be reviewed?

Think about your audience and the user experience:

  • What information do they need and why?
  • Are your link titles logical? Will people be able to find the information they need?
  • Have you thought about the user journey, ie. how will they find their way around your website?
  • Are you talking in language that your audience will relate to?

The content should drive the structure of the site, rather than the other way around.

In too many cases, the site map is presented to me and I’m expected to fit copy in around it.

If you bring me in before the structure has been agreed, I can work with you to create a logical site map. We can decide what information is most relevant for your audience and how it should be presented.

This approach guarantees that you’ll create a website that’s much more likely to meet your users’ expectations and needs.




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